Our Story

The building committee for the parsonage which was erected in 1918 on one half acre of land given by T. H. Gentry were: L. G. Rollins, D.. J. Touchberry, Dr. M. G. Howle, Mrs. J. F. Grayson, Sr., and Mrs. W. L. Mills. For  the  annex those  who  shared the  responsibility of  building were: Gregg T. Touchberry, W. B. Davis,  Jr., Henry B. Dingle, G. I. Mim s, Mrs. J. F. Grayson, Sr., Mrs. W. L. Mills, and :Mrs. John . C. Holladay.

There are those who have served for many years in the same capacity through the last half of the history of our church. J. T. Touchberry, Sr., Deacon 1911 has served as Superintendent of Sunday School since 1920 and as Church Treasurer since 1909.  A. P. Brock served for many years as Superintendent of Sunday School.  Mrs. J. I. Cain, until recently, was the only Cradle Roll Superintendent we have h a d through the years. Mrs. J. F. Grayson¬∑, Sr, is the only Choir Director we have had.  J. H. Gentry has been Organist and Secretary-Treasurer of the Sunday School for over thirty years. A. E. Brock was Church Clerk from 1911 until his death this year. Mrs. Jno. P. Brock prepared for Communion until she was ninety years of age, when l\h. W. H. Carrigan assumed her duties. Sunday School teachers in our present group who have taught for years are Mrs. n. B. Mellette, 30 years; Mrs.  J. F. Grayson, Sr. 40 years; Mrs. T. C. Howle, 42 years; and Mrs.  T. I. Walk e r, which passed away recently, 30 years.

Those who  have  served as  deacons are: J, T. Touchberry, Sr.,  C. R Touchberry, Sr., J. A. Brailsford, W. D. Alsbrook,  L. N. Hinson, J. E. Kelley, W. D. Allen, J. W. Wells, L. G. Rollins, W. S. Walk e r, L. G. Skelley, G. I. Mims,  A. P. Brock,  D. C. Ma son,  0. G. Keels, Dr.  W. H. Carrigan, J. D. Rutledge, J. F. Grayson, Sr., T. H. Gentry, F. W. Josey, J. H. Gentry, R. H. Bateman, T. C. Howle, and W. L. Mills.

Faithful Trustees during the years have been: 0.C.Scarborough, A. P. Brock, Hugh Touchberry, C. R. Touchberry, J. F. Grayson, Sr., H. A. Truesdale, L. G. Skelley, R. H. Bateman, and E. M. Touchberry.

Those who have been ordained for the Ministry in the last half of our history are: Rev. Tillman Touchberry, Rev. John McCleod, Rev. Charles A. Cowherd, Rev. Furman Touchberry, & Rev. W. A. Huey.

From our ranks have come several who have chosen professions to aid others: Rev.John McCleod, who now teaches at Mars Hill  Baptist Junior College; Rev. Furman Touchberry, pastor of the Baptist Church in Branchville; Rev.Tillman Touchberry, a beloved  pastor who served in our state; W. H. Carrigan; Dr. Ben Harvin; Dr. M. Gordon Howle; Dr. Frank Harvin; Dr.Julian H. Scarborough; Miss Lida Scarborough; and Misses Margie and  Effie Scarborough.

Our history would not be complete without mentioning the fostering of  missionary societies and  the  organization of the  Santee Woman's Missionary Union by Mrs. 0. C. Scarborough, one of our consecrated members.

Our membership has grown from 191 members to 252 today. Our Sunday School is larger than ever in our history. We have each organization functioning well in our church. Our W. M. S. was A-1 again this year. Our receipts for all causes in our 1954 associational year amounted to $20,472.24.