Our Story

Major W. R. Deal, Chaplain serving at Fort Jackson, supplied for us for many months.

The Rev. William A. Huey began his ministry with us in 1942. Much credit is due him for again making the church debtless. His sweet voice added much in our choir. With Mrs. Huey as superintendent of the Primary Department in our Sunday School the enrolment doubled.

Col. R. E. McCaskill, a retired Chaplain, now supplied for us for nearly two years. He being a Presbyterian often alluded to himself while serving us so efficiently as a "Bapterian''. He endeared himself to all Christians in our town.

Our next pastor was the Rev. Ernest E. Hite, Jr. He was married while here to Miss Emily Harvin, a descendant of the Harvin family the members of which are much in evidence in our church history. Together they labored well in God's vineyard. Our Church grew and prospered while they gained a special place in many of our hearts during the seven years he served us. During his pastorate we installed our organ and tower music system and built a brick parsonage next to the church.

Following the Rev. Ernest E. Hite, Jr., was our present pastor, The Rev. C. Ware Madden, Jr. He, too, found his life partner here and was married in our church to Miss Mazie Anderson. The two seem to complement each other. They are working always, in more ways than can be seen, to advance the cause of Christ, not only in the church, but also in the community. Their consecration and zeal inspire others to do their best for our Master. Since he began his pastorate with us we have built an educational annex, which provides for two nursery departments, a primary department, a junior department, and an intermediate department. The cost of this building was $12,500.00.

We dedicate this Annex today. We shall call it the J. T. Touchberry, Sr. Annex because of his liberality in giving the extra land needed, a large part of the money, and many hours spent in supervision of its construction, besides  his long service as Superintendent of Sunday School.

Serving on the building committee for the Buchanan Educational Building were: J. T. Touchbeny, Sr., Dr. W. H. Carrigan, H. H. Hilton, Mrs. J. F. Grayson, Sr., Mrs. R. H. Bateman, and Mrs L.R. Watt, Sr.