Our Story

In Summerton one half acre of land was purchased from John C. Lanham. A building committee consisting of J. D. Rutledge, W. W. Holladay, and the Rev. L. D. Bass, our pastor at that time. This frame building, one large room, was in use in 1887. Land for a cemetery on the same street was donated by Hon. J. H. Tindal. Col. Thomas H. Conners was the first Superintendent of the Sunday School.

Pastors who served after 1887 were: The Rev. E. A. Edwards; The Rev. W. E. Hughson; The Rev. T. C. Hickson, The Rev. H. A. Whitman, The Rev. E. A. Wells, The Rev. Rice, Dr. E. E. Ayers, and The Rev. B. C. Lamply, who died here. Supplying for several months were The Rev. J. K. Fant and The Rev. H. A. Sublette.

The Rev. Manning A. Connor served as pastor for ten years. The Rev. J. N. Tolar began his ministry in 1907. His wife was active in Kingdom interests. He was the inspiration and guide in building our church as it now stands. The building committee in 1910 was composed of 0. C. Scarborough, C. H. Touchberry, T. H. Harvin, and A. P. Brock.

The Rev. Myron W. Gordon followed. At the beginning of his ten years of fruitful ministry he succeeded in having the entire debt lifted from the property. Mrs. Gordon was president of the Woman's Missionary Society and was an active partner in all phases of the work.

The Rev. J. A. Ansley with his family, Mrs. Ansley, Mary, Joe, and Whit, spent several years as our shepherd.

The Rev. Wendell White during his ten years with us endeared himself to the citizens of Summerton as well as to us by his untiring efforts and his genial manner. Mrs. White was largely responsible for our new carpet at that time.

The Rev. W. R. Buchanan came to us with his bride to begin his first pastorate. He used his talents as architect, contractor and cabinet maker in our Educational Building, which was erected by faith, prayer, and perseverance. We named this the Buchanan Educational Building. The Rev. and Mrs. Buchanan, a gifted consecrated couple, now serving as Home Missionaries in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She left an imprint on the hearts of those with whom she came in contact that will never be erased.

The Rev. Charles A. Cowherd, now a zealous missionary in Indonesia, supplied for us for one year. He will always be remembered for his earnest efforts and his deep consecration.